ildiko kmeth abstract oil painting.png


Original painting: oil on wood panel, 2017.

Size: 30cm x 30cm.

So there was a time when every night I had the same dream. 

I was a male warrior in a medieval-like village. I didn’t like any of the village girls. They all seemed rough and vulgar. Then I met HER - the witch doctor from the nearby village.

One cold, snowy day, we were walking in this ancient, peaceful forest called Lieb Walde. Everything was dark, except for some shining lights infiltrating through the trees when she whispered a question. I replied: "Pistachio."

I’ve read (from Robert A. Johnson) that when you have an important dream you should honour it in some way. So, when I had a moment, I've got a tub of pistachio ice cream.

Fast forward time, in real life, I ended up, accidentally, dating someone special. He always had this peculiar smell of hospital even after a shower. One cold winter night we were up late chatting when he asked: "What's your favourite ice cream?" 

For those who don't know, my name is Ildi. You know the rest. 

Signed and dated on the back. Ships in a cardboard box.

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