Ildiko Kmeth is a London based contemporary artist and visual explorer of urban life. She works with oil on wood and experiments with acrylic, mixed media and found objects.


2019 - Input/Output, D&AD, London (Forthcoming)

2019 - SuperArt, Art23 Gallery, London (Forthcoming)

2019 - End of Year Show, Barry Till Gallery, London (Forthcoming)

2019 - Art Is the Reason Why I Wake up in the Morning, MM Gallery, London

2019 - Affirmation, Art23 Gallery, London

2019 - The Elizabeth House Project, Waterloo Station, London

2019 - Abstract Art, The Brick Lane Gallery, London


Painting is like a parallel dimension that I need to enter again and again. When I arrive in the studio, I slip out of normal existence into a world where time doesn’t exist. I draw inspiration from the strangeness of life in every way imaginable. I let the ideas spread out infinitely around me, then I pick up my brush and simply paint.

The process is slow, physical, resistant, critical, material-based, and involves an ongoing commitment to do the same thing differently over and over again. My work colourfully investigates urban living, from the negative impact of growth to the positive impact of green spaces which is a vital connection from abstract back into reality.